Regional Shed Manufacturer

Our client is a Tennessee based company that manufactures portable buildings. They currently have 11 manufacturing facilities across seven states and have dedicated themselves to treating employees and customers like family. Their cabins, garages, and sheds are all produced using the finest materials and exhibit quality craftsmanship.

Results at a Glance:


Average monthly leads improved from 200 leads to 1700 leads


CRM integrated Sales Funnel to support their 350 dealers

Project Summary

The Challenge

Having an online presence as masterfully designed as their buildings is important to them so they can serve their customers with quality from start to finish.

The Strategy

The client wanted to boost low website traffic and greatly increase their lead conversation. We saw some opportunities that could help with this. First was creating landing pages that would attract visitors to stay on the website once they arrived. We met with the brand to determine what style and design they were looking for. Once the landing pages were created, we directed our attention to link building. We looked for links to pages that were made in the past to high domain authority websites that may have been broken and executed a strategy to create new links. With the landing pages and link building completed we then developed a Lead Funnel that could assist visitors to the website and increase the chances of converting a sale. All of these changes greatly enhanced the client’s organic SEO optimization and website rankings.

The Results

The overall outcome of the lead funnel development, increase in organic optimization and ranking, link building, and landing pages resulted in the average monthly leads improving from 200 leads to 1700 leads!

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